Healthy dessert recipe round-up

We’re the first to admit that we love our desserts. But believe it or not, we do try to keep some compromise between our treat addiction and our waistlines. Enter healthy desserts. Not the kind of healthy desserts that taste…well, healthy (like cardboard). But there are plenty of good recipes out there that can satisfy cravings without causing a premature case of type 2 diabetes. Here are three of our favourites.

Super-Charge Me! Cookies from Dreena Burton’s Eat, Drink and Be Vegan cookbook

With ingredients such as oats, flax seed and almond butter, these pack a serious nutritional punch and give us energy for hours. The best part is that they taste delicious and are easily customizable depending on your taste and diet preferences. And don’t be fooled by the name, we’re not vegan and we enjoyed them!

Cooking Light’s Classic Banana Bread

This banana bread recipe has maintained a five-star rating since it was published in 2003. We understand why. It’s not overpoweringly sweet and it’s super moist, just like a banana bread should be. It’s hard to believe it only contains five grams of fat per serving. The key ingredient to achieve this is the non-fat plain yogurt.

Banana Soft Serve
This recipe has been going around the healthy blog-o-sphere, and it’s as simple as it gets. All you need is a couple of bananas and a blender. Who knew that if you blended frozen bananas long enough it would turn into a creamy concoction reminiscent of soft-serve? Guilt-free!


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